VIP Grand Illusion Show

Imagine going to an event at a hotel ballroom. The tables are at one end of the room, and a single microphone stand awaits the entertainment at the other end. Now picture that end of the room with a set of stage curtains, instantly changing the atmosphere from simply a big room, to that of a theatrical presentation. When Moore Magic presents their VIP Grand Illusion Show, they magically transform any large space into a theatre, replete with sound and lighting. They have brought their theatrical production successfully to places as varied as hotel ballrooms, schools, churches, and even a zoo!

The Moore Magic VIP Grand Illusion Show has been developed from a broad theatrical perspective — making full use of dialog, staging, and lighting. Going beyond just tricks and illusion, Adam and Lisa create real magic in the hearts and minds of audiences. The music that accompanies the magic is especially important. Adam and Lisa Moore are both active musicians as well as magicians, giving them an edge when it comes to selecting pieces that will create a magical soundtrack. The performing arts — especially music and drama — continue to be an inspiration for the continually evolving Moore Magic act.

Adam and Lisa love sharing their energy and amazing illusions with audiences of all ages. They focus on making audience members feel comfortable with them, creating an enjoyable event. Audience members are treated like VIPs, creating the magic of the event. Several guests have the opportunity to become the stars in the show.

Moore Magic also helps the individual organizing the event feel like a VIP by taking care of many small details. One of the great things about the VIP Grand Illusion Show is that the show is self-contained and needs no assistance from outside stage technicians. By bringing their curtains and set, music and speakers, and lighting, Adam and Lisa help the event organizer save time and money by not needing to coordinate these aspects of the performance.

This show is great for larger audiences of 50 or more of all ages for which you want to put on a full show. Featuring illusions, escapes, appearances and disappearances, Moore Magic will sweep away your guests and leave them talking about the fun they had at your event for months to come.